{2016} 10/366


WOD(s): 21 Day Fix Plyo & P90x Ab Ripper X
Food: I’m doing very well today. I’ve had healthy meals and snacks that all have a purpose (ie, they’re not just empty calories–they fulfill a serving of a good group). I did eat three Life Savers that were left over from my naughty day yesterday though 😕 But I’ve had lots of whole food the rest of the day, save for the few M&Ms that happen to be in the trail mix I make.
Thoughts: Today I was scheduled to do Body Beast Cardio & Abs. I really just didn’t feel like “getting huge” with Sagi, so I did the 21 Day Fix Plyo, which I’ve never done before, and the best ab workout I’ve ever done, P90x Ab Ripper X. The trade off was more than fair–I’m pretty sure what I ended up doing was harder than what I was supposed to do.


{2016} 5/366


WOD(s): Body Beast Build Shoulders
Food: I think my meals will be a little off today because I had a snack at lunchtime and a snack after my workout. But I think it’ll last me until dinner time.
Thoughts: Glad I got my workout done when I did because, by the time I finished it, Madi had woken from her nap 2 hours early 😬 Glad tomorrow is a rest day. Whether I choose to rest or not is to be seen.

{2016} 4/366


She was trying so hard to lift this 5 pounds

WOD(s): Body Beast Cardio & Abs
Food: This should get interesting. It’s only 2p and I’m craving anything chocolate. Luckily we don’t have much of it in the house, but I think I’m gonna make my chocolate granola to eat this evening as a snack before bed.
Thoughts: Madi was bugging me the whole time I worked out, since I did it in the living room where she was playing. She didn’t like my ignoring her, I guess. But I got it done regardless–I got her interested in her new sensory bin for the last half. By the way, I hate plank stuff–nothing makes me feel weaker 😦

WOD(s): TurboFire Low HIIT 20 (268 calories); 1.50-mile run w/ Madi (432 calories)
Food: I did very well today. I honestly didn’t have anything “naughty” all day. It’s been nice to slowly “wean” off of the crappy food I was eating a month ago. I still have stuff when I want it, but I’m trying to make better choices when I get hungry, so I don’t even want bad stuff as often. FYI, I will be having a cupcake at my niece’s birthday party tomorrow though 🙂
Water: I’ve been well-hydrated all day!
Thoughts: I rather enjoyed the 20 minutes with Chalene this morning–it’s much more preferable to the 40 minutes earlier this week. I’m not doing TurboFire in order with its calendar, I’m just doing each workout at least once and seeing how it is. I plan to start Body Beast again the week after next–Nick will be done traveling for work at that time, so we’re both going to do it together. Since I’m planning that, I’m just kinda hanging in there with whatever I feel like in the meantime.
As for running today, I took it slow. I averaged 14:05 over 1.50 miles. But my speed was slow because I was trying to keep it more consistent. I had my heart rate monitor and was trying to keep it below 180–all week I think I’ve been starting too fast and then absolutely dragging by the end of the mile and maxing out at over 186 (for some reason, that’s the “max heart rate” on my monitor). By keeping my heart rate lower today, my pace was more constant and I was able to run farther, though my ankle did start feeling a little weak towards the last few 1/10s of a mile. Since tomorrow is Saturday, I’m going to go for a run (if it’s not raining) without Madi and see if I can notice a difference in my overall run.

Sometimes it's 60 degrees in December. So sometimes we swing in the park when Mommy is done with her run :)

Sometimes it’s 60 degrees in December. So sometimes we swing in the park when Mommy is done with her run 🙂