{2016} 5/366


WOD(s): Body Beast Build Shoulders
Food: I think my meals will be a little off today because I had a snack at lunchtime and a snack after my workout. But I think it’ll last me until dinner time.
Thoughts: Glad I got my workout done when I did because, by the time I finished it, Madi had woken from her nap 2 hours early 😬 Glad tomorrow is a rest day. Whether I choose to rest or not is to be seen.


Body Beast Lean Days #6-8

Sunday was Day #6, my first Rest Day. So I took it easy and didn’t do any workout!

Lean Day #7: Build Chest & Tris
I found this second time with this workout to be easier, despite upping the weight. I tweaked one move and it resulted in the rest of the workout going much better. The first time, I did what Sagi said to do for the tricep extensions–both arms at once. This time, I did the last two sets one arm at a time–which actually allowed me to get the next move done. Before, with both arms at once, my muscles were too fatigued to do the next move. Now, it might not be training my muscles right to do it the way I did. But I consider the same intensity, regardless of how many arms I do at a time, and then being able to continue with the workout instead of skipping shine to be better. I was even able to do tricep kickbacks with 12.5 lbs, which I’ve NEVER been able to do before.

Lean Day #8: Build Legs
Upped my weights a lot today. My right hamstring seemed tight the whole time for some reason, but I can’t remember doing anything to it to make it hurt. Anyways…I changed the calf raises at the end of the workout. Sagi says to do two sets of 30 seconds on each leg singly–I did one set that way, but the next time, I did the P90x calf raises in three different positions (toes out, parallel, and toes in) 20 each. I get a much better burn from it that way. I’m sure I’ll be sore by the end of the night.

Body Beast Lean Day #5


Lean Day #5: Build Shoulders

This was the first day since Tuesday night that my shoulders haven’t hurt. But I’m sure that’ll change by the end of the night. The shoulder workout was not too bad. I mean, I huffed through a lot of it, but after the hard task at hand, I often feel like the workout was easier than it really is. There were a few weird moves that I’d never done before or even thought to do. But I’m just glad I had no push-ups to do–I’m used to the P90x workout where shoulders are with chest and tris. This was all shoulders so just lots of lifting 💪 Tomorrow is rest day, so I’ll take it easy, but maybe still do something like take Madi on a walk.

Body Beast Lean Day #3

Lean Day #3: Back & Bis
Not gonna lie, I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning to workout. My chest/shoulders are still really sore and my glutes are tight. But I was telling myself that if I didn’t workout, I’d have to do the dishes. So…I got up and worked out 😜 It was Back & Bis today.

I really liked this workout. It was tougher than the equivalent P90x workout, for sure, because you really dint get to rest your muscle groups before doing it again. P90x would go back, back, bicep, bicep and repeat that pattern. But Body Beast is back, back, back, back, back, back, back, bicep, bicep, bicep, bicep, or very similar.

Though I’m speculating about how much the guys act/dramatize in the video. I mean, one of the extra guys that is RIPPED and was struggling with 15# for a bicep exercise. I was on the same round and rep and was using 12.5# and wasn’t even struggling that hard.

Body Beast Lean Day #2

Lean Day #2: Build Legs

This morning my chest was sore and my triceps are still fatigued. But I love the burn!

I did the Leg workout. It was shorter than I expected–only about 40 minutes, including warm up and cool down–but it was a great workout. My HRM read between 150-170 for the first 2/3 of the workout–the calf exercises weren’t that difficult, so my heart rate dropped a bit towards the end. But I ended up burning about 500 calories in that “short” and intense workout. My legs don’t feel too tired right now (a few hours later), but I’ve been up and about all day. I’m sure the burn will come 🙂

Body Beast Lean Day #1

Today Nick and I start the first “block” of Body Beast. We’re both doing the Lean schedule–Nick obviously would rather bulk, but I convinced him that maybe he should do the lean round first so he can get rid of some flab before he starts to bulk up. And I’ve no desire to “bulk”, I just want to be able to do push-ups fairly easily and maybe even a pull up or two 🙂


Lean Day #1:  Build Chest/Tris

I’ve never done a workout that resulted in such fatigued muscles. At one point, during all the tricep work, you do tricep extensions followed by close-hand push ups–my tris were so tired, I literally couldn’t get the push ups, even on my knees. I maybe could go down an inch before I thought to myself that I’d rather not face-plant on the floor, carpet or not! I went to take a “sweaty” selfie after the workout was over and I could barely hold my arms up that high. My arms weren’t sore, just that tired! And I may or may not have used shampoo in the shower afterwards (I couldn’t reach my head!) Tomorrow I bet I’ll feel the sore, if not by later tonight (I did this workout at 8am).