{2016} 5/366


WOD(s): Body Beast Build Shoulders
Food: I think my meals will be a little off today because I had a snack at lunchtime and a snack after my workout. But I think it’ll last me until dinner time.
Thoughts: Glad I got my workout done when I did because, by the time I finished it, Madi had woken from her nap 2 hours early 😬 Glad tomorrow is a rest day. Whether I choose to rest or not is to be seen.


WOD(s): Body Beast Build Back & Biceps (397 calories) **DAY 3**
Well, at almost 5p, I haven’t had a single sweet (aka Christmas cookie) all day! That’s pretty good! I’ve had fairly healthy stuff today, too. I’m trying…
Thoughts: Only 87 days to go! Not like I’m counting down or anything. But it is nice to see that number go down, even just a day at a time. I still haven’t taken my before pictures/measurements 😕 But I think once I take those, I’m going to stop weighing myself every day. I used to be pretty good at the self-control and just weighed in once a week. But I think I want to wait a few weeks in between right now. Because Body Beast is a strength program, the likelihood that I’ll lose weight isn’t as high as that I’ll lose inches. So I want to only weigh in every so often. Plus, I always tell myself that the number on the scale doesn’t matter or that it’s not the most important thing, but I’ve been doing it every day like it matters. Anyways, wish me luck with that!

On the 18th and 19th I didn’t hold myself accountable to very much. I didn’t workout and I didn’t track my food. I’m sure my calories were around the goal, but not that far over. It’s weird because my appetite has just been pretty absent these last few weeks. Not food aversions, or anything, I just literally didn’t hardly feel hungry. So I would have to make myself eat. And when that’s the case, sometimes it’s just hard for me to muster up the will to make myself something healthier to eat. On the 19th, I hosted a small cookie party with a couple of my sisters, my mom, and my mother-in-law. I didn’t have more cookies than the others–I made sure everyone went home with the same amount of cookies. But that didn’t stop me from snacking on them throughout the day.

 Body Beast Build Chest/Tris (308 calories); 2.23-mile walk (460 calories)
Food: I should’ve eaten more healthy stuff. I had a few hundred calories left, even after accounting for the 3-4 cookies I ate throughout the day.
Thoughts: Nick and I both did Body Beast. Only 89 days left 😕 I got mine out of the way first thing in the morning. He waited until 10p (to paint a picture, we normally go to bed around 10-10:30p…) So I think he kinda half-assed it, but we both also walked over 2 miles when we took Madi and his parents up to the zoo for the Lights Before Christmas. So I’ll let it slide a little. I didn’t feel like I really pushed myself that hard, honestly. Usually when I start a new workout (and it’s been about 3 months since I did any Body Beast, so it’s “new”), I go pretty easy the first time with each workout so I can accustom myself to the moves. I usually start with 10 pounds for anything except legs to see how well I can handle it. But I’m sore today, so clearly I didn’t totally throw in the towel on the effort.

Body Beast Build Legs (467 calories) **DAY 2**
Food: Ashamed…:(
Thoughts: I put in more effort today than I did yesterday, so I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow. (Hopefully it’s not too bad because it should be kinda warm again and I’d like to go run if so.) But doing this first thing in the morning has got simply exhausted by 10a. Well, it could also be because we went to bed late and I actually had to get up at 7a today to get Nick ready for work. And I wanted to get it done so I can have all of Madi’s naptime this afternoon to work on a Christmas gift I’m making–cutting it close–but I don’t know how I’m going to make it!

I remembered just before I dozed off last night that I never posted my stuff!

WOD(s): 1.00-mile run with Madi
Food: Not great–might’ve had a lot of pudding today 😳 But calories were under!
Thoughts: I was really surprised when I found out how quickly I’d run my mile–12:47 for a mile is good for me when I’m just getting back to running even without Madi in her stroller. I’m saying the cold breeze helped motivate me to go quicker 🙂 I purposefully didn’t workout in the morning so it’d motivate me to run since I had two adequate days this week I could’ve ran but came up with excuses. It worked! Plus the sleeping in was nice haha

WOD(s): 21 Day Fix Lower Fix
Food: Welp, I had a donut this morning.
Thoughts: Same as a couple of days ago–doing some lighter lifting to prepare a little for my Body Beast next week. Nick and I are both doing it, though we won’t actually be doing the working out physically together–I’ll stick with my morning workouts so that he can do his in the evening. I do mine before the toddler wakes up, he can do it after she goes to bed 🙂 If we had the space (which, honestly, we do if we moved our whole operation into the basement) and the weights to do it together, I’d like to. But we can’t afford to buy a second set of interchangeable weights just so we can workout together. It’s gonna suck getting him to do it–he likes to drag his feet and be dramatic about everything. But I’m working on a motivator for him, which involves saving money to build a house (which he wants to do ASAP).

WOD(s): 21 DF Upper Fix (285 calories)
Food: Ehh, might’ve had a few too many handfuls of those same M&Ms again today 😕
Thoughts: First off, I’m up 1.5 pounds on the scale this morning after about 4-5 days at the same weight. I know I shouldn’t weigh myself every day, but I just can’t help it. I know it’s probably just water or something like that, because I know that one extra handful of M&Ms yesterday didn’t give me 1.5 pounds 😛 Regardless, it’s still a little disheartening.
I’ve got my regular plan of running this afternoon with Madi, so I didn’t do cardio today. I figure if I’m going to start Body Beast again next week, I should probably start warming up with some light weight-work right now. That way my muscles scream a little less afterwards. So I did the 21 DF Upper Fix today. I think I might throw in some P90x for upper body throughout the week to continue this warming-up. Sagi is no joke!

**FYI–I’ve been a lot better about my water after those first couple of days, so I stopped feeling the need to report it.

I skipped yesterday (Sunday). Madi had us up literally all night, so the whole family didn’t wake up til about 10a and then, when I meant to go run in the afternoon, I accidentally spent 2.5 hours putting together her play kitchen for Christmas and got into such a groove of being productive with chores, I didn’t want to break it. (What a run-on sentence that was!)

WOD(s): TurboFire Fire 30 (371 calories)
Food: I had an extra handful of M&Ms today, which put me over my goal. But it was minimal.
Thoughts: TurboFire today was good. Chalene wasn’t too perky for this morning 🙂 This workout was hard, though, in the coordination department. I’m fairly coordinated and can learn routines fairly quickly. But something about all the twisting around throws off my coordination. I don’t know what it was. But I did my best. Maybe I’ll do this one again tomorrow–if it’s fresh in my mind, I might be able to get a little more out of it.
Not sure if I’ll do another workout today. I’m watching my nephew this afternoon, so I don’t think I’ll have time for a run. But I could potentially do a second workout during Madi’s nap, before he gets here.

WOD(s): TurboFire Low HIIT 25; 1.00-mile run WITHOUT Madi 😀
Food: The only bad thing I had today was a cupcake and a scoop of ice cream at my niece’s birthday party.
Thoughts: I was so glad to go run without Madi this afternoon. I could TOTALLY tell a difference without her–my stride was longer, I’m assuming because I was without the stroller. Obviously my pace was faster because of that–my heart rate staying around 180, I was able to go my mile in under 12:30. That’s 1.5-2 MINUTES faster without Madi! There’s also the mental thing. It’s not that I’m ever seriously concerned, but I feel like I push myself harder without Madi because I know it’s more possible without, and because if I was to hurt myself in the push, she’s not in any danger (like, if we’re running in the cold and I fall and can’t get up, she’s not going to freeze, ya know?). I’m planning on going again tomorrow without her since Nick’ll still be home. And next week might be a little inconsistent, because the weather won’t be as warm as it has been (today was 68 when I ran!). And I’ll keep doing TurboFire in the mornings, just in case I don’t end up running in the afternoon.


Look! No stroller!