{2016} 3/366


Here's my the-second-I-even-thought-of-making-an-excuse-to-not-work-out-I-made-myself-get-up-and-get-it-done face.

WOD(s): Body Beast Build Back & Bis
Food: So far, I’ve had Lucky Charms for breakfast (again) and three Hershey kisses, but everything else is good, I think……I ended up eating more kisses, but I’m under my calories and age my the servings of veggies.
Thoughts: I had plenty of excuses to not work out today. They were not even that excusable: my chest hurts from Friday, my legs hurt from yesterday, and, between my head cold and my period, I’m exhausted and headache-y. But the second I started thinking about using any one of these pathetic excuses for real, I made myself get up and do it. Nick asked what I was doing and I told him I was working it. He asked why. I told him because I am tired. And he asked why I was working out then. To which I replied that I was working out now because I’d still be tired later and wouldn’t end up doing it then. That’s how our minds are different–he embraces the excuse, no joke.
And I’m not surprised that after my workout, my headache is actually gone. Thank you, endorphins! 😀


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