{2016} 2/366

imageWOD(s): cleaning the entire goddamn house for 4-5 hours; Body Beast Build Legs
Food: We had friends over for dinner, so I indulged a little on garlic bread and a slutty brownie and an (honestly!) very small helping of some Ben & Jerry’s. Had my strawberry Shakeo while I made lasagna for dinner.
Thoughts: I barely made it to Body Beast today. After running errands around town this morning and cleaning the whole house (which wouldn’t have taken so long, but we put the Christmas stuff away), I honestly had less than an hour to do Body Beast and jump in the shower, because we had friends over for dinner. On top of all that, my head cold is finally starting to go away, but I had a headache half the day. I’m super proud of myself for finding the 40 minutes to do Legs and jump in the shower while the water on the stove came to a boil so I could make some lasagna 🙂 I don’t know if this happened the first time I tried Body Beast a few months ago, but I can’t recall it at all, so I think it’s safe to say this is the first time Leg Day has actually made my legs wobbly before I finished the workout. Oh sure, my legs have been sore plenty of days following Leg Days. But during the workout, not so much. I’d like to think it was because my form was better–which it was, although far from perfect–and the weight was heavier–which it was, even if just by a few pounds. The hardest part about Leg Day for me is the lunges. I can squat and calf-raise all day. But the lunges are hard because my knees are crap. They would be better if my quads were stronger, but it’s hard to get my quads stronger because the knees are so weak–vicious cycle!! Anywho, the workout went great, even if I didn’t get a couple of moves in.

PS–I think I’m going to keep doing my “crappy” pictures. I know it makes everything look a little crappy. But they’re the real pictures with no cropping or filtering–this is real life people! Well, that and the fact that I really don’t care that much about what you think of my pictures. It’s hardly gonna be worth my time–even just a few minutes–to crop and filter and make it look all nice for probably no one to look at.

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