I remembered just before I dozed off last night that I never posted my stuff!

WOD(s): 1.00-mile run with Madi
Food: Not great–might’ve had a lot of pudding today 😳 But calories were under!
Thoughts: I was really surprised when I found out how quickly I’d run my mile–12:47 for a mile is good for me when I’m just getting back to running even without Madi in her stroller. I’m saying the cold breeze helped motivate me to go quicker 🙂 I purposefully didn’t workout in the morning so it’d motivate me to run since I had two adequate days this week I could’ve ran but came up with excuses. It worked! Plus the sleeping in was nice haha

WOD(s): 21 Day Fix Lower Fix
Food: Welp, I had a donut this morning.
Thoughts: Same as a couple of days ago–doing some lighter lifting to prepare a little for my Body Beast next week. Nick and I are both doing it, though we won’t actually be doing the working out physically together–I’ll stick with my morning workouts so that he can do his in the evening. I do mine before the toddler wakes up, he can do it after she goes to bed 🙂 If we had the space (which, honestly, we do if we moved our whole operation into the basement) and the weights to do it together, I’d like to. But we can’t afford to buy a second set of interchangeable weights just so we can workout together. It’s gonna suck getting him to do it–he likes to drag his feet and be dramatic about everything. But I’m working on a motivator for him, which involves saving money to build a house (which he wants to do ASAP).


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