WOD(s): TurboFire Low HIIT 25; 1.00-mile run WITHOUT Madi 😀
Food: The only bad thing I had today was a cupcake and a scoop of ice cream at my niece’s birthday party.
Thoughts: I was so glad to go run without Madi this afternoon. I could TOTALLY tell a difference without her–my stride was longer, I’m assuming because I was without the stroller. Obviously my pace was faster because of that–my heart rate staying around 180, I was able to go my mile in under 12:30. That’s 1.5-2 MINUTES faster without Madi! There’s also the mental thing. It’s not that I’m ever seriously concerned, but I feel like I push myself harder without Madi because I know it’s more possible without, and because if I was to hurt myself in the push, she’s not in any danger (like, if we’re running in the cold and I fall and can’t get up, she’s not going to freeze, ya know?). I’m planning on going again tomorrow without her since Nick’ll still be home. And next week might be a little inconsistent, because the weather won’t be as warm as it has been (today was 68 when I ran!). And I’ll keep doing TurboFire in the mornings, just in case I don’t end up running in the afternoon.


Look! No stroller!


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