WOD(s): P90x Yoga X (45-50 minutes, about half of it; 394 calories)
Food: Again, decent. Not as great as days past, but under my goal again!
Water: I think I slacked a bit today, but wasn’t ever thirsty either šŸ™‚
Thoughts: I did yoga today because (1) I was feeling tight pretty much everywhere because I went from about 2 months on doing nothing to double workouts overnight and (2) I didn’t get up at the same time (baby had me up a couple hours later than normal) and I wouldn’t have time to run because I was watching my nephew. It was the first half of the P90x Yoga workout, which is the strength part (last half is balance), so I still sweat. But it was nice to have a low-impact workout after 6 cardio workouts in 3 days. And I needed that stretch. But I think I did something to my left leg. It feels funny in the outer groin-ish area, like the very top front/inside of my thigh. Maybe I pulled something? It only hurts when I start walking from sitting for a bit, but wears off within about 20 steps or so. Hopefully it won’t keep me from running in the even warmer weather tomorrow!



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