WOD(s): TurboFire Fire 40 (526 calories); 1.10-mile run w/ Madi (349 calories)
We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner with the in-laws tonight–their treat, because Nick’s birthday was Saturday. I “limited” myself to 3 rolls (minimal cinnamon butter) and I had the grilled chicken salad. It’s a very “loaded” salad, but I didn’t eat the dressing (seriously, they gave me like 3/4 c worth of ranch on the side) and I took the bacon off (I’m honestly just not a bacon person). But I did have a Milky Way since we never had a dessert for his birthday and they’re his favorite.
Much better today. I definitely got enough–and went to the bathroom enough times to prove it.
I did TurboFire this morning, *bright and early* at 7:30am. And I gotta tell ya, Chalene Johnson is, like, 500 times too perky for a morning workout. Even if I had just watched the workout, I would’ve got exhausted just watching her be perky. But it was a great burn–I figured out that my abs/obliques are sore from all the twisting and knees/kicking in the TurboFire.
When I did my run this afternoon, my ass hurt. It’s done this before, usually when I start running after awhile off. It’s like where my ass and back meet hurts from my butt jiggling so much when I run. Luckily, I knew to expect it (I honestly expected it yesterday) so I just pushed through it and a couple minutes later it was done hurting–or numb, I’m not really sure which. I was apparently a little slower today than the past few days. Which is weird, because I actually felt like I was going a tad faster. Oh well, c’est la vie. It should be really “warm” tomorrow (59 in December in NW Ohio is warm), so I’m hoping to go. I’ll be sad when it cools down next week–might have to transition to the gym.

I didn't get a picture of Madi, but she was a happy girl again today :)

I didn’t get a picture of Madi, but she was a happy girl again today 🙂


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