november was a shitty month

I have no excuse for being lazy in October, I’ll fess up to that. But November was just an all around shitty month. I found out mid-October that I was pregnant, and around the beginning of November, I started to feel like crap. I figured I just wasn’t lucky this second time around, because my first pregnancy was amazing compared to most women’s. I pretty much laid on the couch for about two weeks while Madi watched PBS–she apparently loves Daniel Tiger. I started to feel a little better about halfway through November, but then we got some bad news 😦 I was diagnosed with a molar pregnancy, which is why I was so nauseous. Basically, the placenta grows abnormally and kills the fetus or, more often, an improperly fertilized egg (empty egg or two sperm try to get the same egg). So the rest of November was spent dealing with that. We handled it pretty well, considering we usually don’t get many hopes up until the “safe” 12 weeks have passed, just in case. But it’s still hard, obviously. I had a D&C done at the hospital on Black Friday–and they didn’t give me half off like I asked for! 😉

Since the D&C, I’ve (physically) felt PHENOMENAL! I have a ton of energy, so I’ve been trying to get the house back in order since I didn’t do anything for a few weeks. And I really want to start exercising again. It’s like I want to see if I can get back into my former healthy habits in this year before we have another baby (it’s recommended to wait a year after a molar pregnancy to conceive again). A friend of mine has been running a mile a day for a few weeks and I get the little notification on MayMyRun every day and it really makes me want to run again. I ran a bit here and there in the spring, but nothing very serious. Madi self-weaned over a month ago, so now I’m not breastfeeding, which will make it easier. My metabolism can now go back to normal because there’s no funky hormones going on in my body–I hope this makes it easier to FINALLY lose the baby weight. Yup, Madi is 15 months and I haven’t lost, like, ANY baby weight (well, I’ve yo-yoed, but right now I’m about one pound shy of my weight when Madi was born).

I’m planning on doing Body Beast “again”–I did about 4 weeks of 12 before I started feeling shitty. But I’m going to wait until I’ve had an entire week since the D&C–I haven’t had any side-effects from the surgery, but I think I still owe it to my body to let it recover in case it’s not as ready as I feel like it is.

I’m also planning on trying to get another half marathon done next year. I think the Glass City in April is probably too soon, but I’m definitely going to get the Churchill’s Half in November done. And, right after I’ve lost all this weight and get into my running stride…I’ll get pregnant again. Oh well, at least I know for my second pregnancy that it really is a lot better to stay in shape, even while pregnant, than to try to GET back in shape.


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