Body Beast Lean Days #6-8

Sunday was Day #6, my first Rest Day. So I took it easy and didn’t do any workout!

Lean Day #7: Build Chest & Tris
I found this second time with this workout to be easier, despite upping the weight. I tweaked one move and it resulted in the rest of the workout going much better. The first time, I did what Sagi said to do for the tricep extensions–both arms at once. This time, I did the last two sets one arm at a time–which actually allowed me to get the next move done. Before, with both arms at once, my muscles were too fatigued to do the next move. Now, it might not be training my muscles right to do it the way I did. But I consider the same intensity, regardless of how many arms I do at a time, and then being able to continue with the workout instead of skipping shine to be better. I was even able to do tricep kickbacks with 12.5 lbs, which I’ve NEVER been able to do before.

Lean Day #8: Build Legs
Upped my weights a lot today. My right hamstring seemed tight the whole time for some reason, but I can’t remember doing anything to it to make it hurt. Anyways…I changed the calf raises at the end of the workout. Sagi says to do two sets of 30 seconds on each leg singly–I did one set that way, but the next time, I did the P90x calf raises in three different positions (toes out, parallel, and toes in) 20 each. I get a much better burn from it that way. I’m sure I’ll be sore by the end of the night.

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