Body Beast Lean Day #4


Lean Beast Day #4: Beast Cardio & Beast Abs

There should be a disclaimer on the Beast Cardio workout that forewarns users that it is essentially a mini-leg day. I thought it’d be more fast-paced cardio rather than a large-muscle-group cardio. Either way, I actually did it! And the Abs, too. I adapted a few moves–rather than doing jump lunges, which my knees can’t handle, I just did reverse lunges and the same holds. And when I wussed out on some plank moves towards the end, my heart rate was still high (and I feel less guilty when I wear my HRM because I don’t cheat to get the calories).

Hopefully I won’t be too sore from anything I did today. My shoulders, biceps, chest, upper back, upper abs, ass and glutes are all killing me. So I’d say these workouts are working.


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