Body Beast Lean Day #1

Today Nick and I start the first “block” of Body Beast. We’re both doing the Lean schedule–Nick obviously would rather bulk, but I convinced him that maybe he should do the lean round first so he can get rid of some flab before he starts to bulk up. And I’ve no desire to “bulk”, I just want to be able to do push-ups fairly easily and maybe even a pull up or two 🙂


Lean Day #1:  Build Chest/Tris

I’ve never done a workout that resulted in such fatigued muscles. At one point, during all the tricep work, you do tricep extensions followed by close-hand push ups–my tris were so tired, I literally couldn’t get the push ups, even on my knees. I maybe could go down an inch before I thought to myself that I’d rather not face-plant on the floor, carpet or not! I went to take a “sweaty” selfie after the workout was over and I could barely hold my arms up that high. My arms weren’t sore, just that tired! And I may or may not have used shampoo in the shower afterwards (I couldn’t reach my head!) Tomorrow I bet I’ll feel the sore, if not by later tonight (I did this workout at 8am).


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