Nick & I have a challenge going

Nick and I are doing this little challenge between the two of us. A combination of weight-loss (percentage of body weight), tracking calories, and working out every day when time allows (also a percentage, because he works late some days and doesn’t really have “time”) will determine whether or not we learn the sex of the next baby. WE ARE NOT EXPECTING, but we are not preventing either 🙂 Of course the rules change a little in regards to when I get pregnant–obviously I don’t intend to lose weight while pregnant, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying to get fit and be active.

Last pregnancy, I bet him he couldn’t lose so much weight. But when he did lose it, we opened that envelope with the little note inside that read “Congrats! It’s a girl!”, though we still didn’t tell anyone except the doctor. Honestly, I’m a little surprised that learning the sex of our babies is THAT important to him, but it has honestly been the only cause I’ve found worthwhile enough for him to actually work on getting healthier.

We’ve been doing it for about a week and so far we’re both 100%, but I’ve lost more weight. So, as of now, we aren’t finding out the sex. But there’s plenty of time left (obviously), and we’ve made the rules so that it’s still worth it for Nick to continue working out throughout the pregnancy.


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