August 2015 accountability


8/6: OK, I totally gave in to my craving for pizza. ALL my food choices today were fairly poor. But believe me, I really wanted to open a tub of frosting and just down it, so I’m proud the worst thing I had was a bottle of pop. I didn’t really do a workout today, but I still took Madi to her last day of swimming lessons so there was that activity.


8/5: Had a pretty good day today, even if I had some froyo in the afternoon. Did P90x Legs & Back first thing in the morning before Madi woke up. I will feel it tomorrow!


8/4: Madi and I went for a walk in the park before her swim lessons today. Can I just say that it actually is kind of a workout taking a baby to swim lessons. I mean, I have to support her weight the entire 45 minutes (yeah, I know it’s easier in water) and I’m in a permanent squat position so all but both of our heads are in the water, and I have to walk in the water in that squat. But I can tell Madi is getting more and more comfortable in the water so it’s worth it. Back on topic, I went over my calories today 😦 I couldn’t help but finish the tub of frosting left from last weekend when I made a treat for a family reunion. But even though I went over a little, I kept in check and didn’t go crazy with the rest of the day–besides that one indulgence, I ate normally.


8/3: Did another P90x workout today–Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps. And I finished cooking, finally. Made the ravioli bake I ate for dinner and some other pasta, taco meat, and Spanish rice for the week.


8/2: I took advantage of some otherwise wasted time this morning to take a long walk with Madi. We just meandered around while Nick got his finger checked at the ER (he hurt it last week on vaca and it still wasn’t better–nothing turned out to be wrong). I did lots of food prep today but I’m not done yet! Nick even helped and had some input at the grocery store–he made a fruit salad of pineapple, papaya, and mango.

image 8/1: I got up early today to get my workout in before a day full of stuff that was going to keep me from home. One of the places we went was to a family reunion–I was really proud of myself that I made good choices with my food. Everything I ate, except the tiny brownie, I shared with Madi. She couldn’t get enough of all the different stuff, except the egg–she doesn’t seem to like scrambled or hard-boiled eggs. I think I also made a better choice to have a pizza loaded with veggies over greasy cheese-stuffed breadsticks in the evening when we went out to eat with friends.


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