weekly dish {7/12/2015}


I’m still trying to get back into doing these posts weekly since I haven’t spent much time on this blog lately.

I didn’t work out that many times last week, as you can see by my little image from my MapMyRun account. When I have to hit my 2,000 net calorie goal to lose weight, to keep my metabolism working, sometimes I don’t workout that often because I just don’t have enough food in the house to eat to get back anything I use in a workout. Obviously I do have the food, but it gets pricey. Or I end up reading unhealthy calories just to get the calories.

Anywho, I still lost weight last week despite the infrequent workouts.


For food this week, we’re kinda just going with the flow because we’ll be on vacation next week. So we’re using up some food so it won’t go bad. I see some ravioli in the future. And I’ve been eating some refried beans with tortillas and Spanish rice lately, which will probably continue.

And since I’ll be incommunicado next week, probably no post. But we’ll see what service is like…


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