crushed it

imageI’m really proud of my run this afternoon. Firstly, I’m proud of myself for actually going out–I meant to go yesterday and was about to use Madi’s nursing strike and her divaliciousness of these past couple of days as an excuse to skip it again today. BUT I WENT!

I planned to just do another 1-mile run, like last week. And I did. I kept checking my Garmin (GPS watch) to see when my half-mile mark was, to turn back. (Normally, I would just run a mile one way and walk back, but it was really humid/buggy.) As I approached the half-mile mark, I realized I might just be able to get it done in 6 minutes. For me, that is a great pace. So I pushed a bit to make sure I got it.

Then I had to turn around. I felt so weird running in what felt like a sprint, breathing so hard, while Madi just stared at me and gave me this perplexed look. Despite my laughing at Madi’s facial expressions and leaning forward every now and then to keep the bugs from biting her, I managed to finish my mile in almost 11:38. That would be a good pace for me during my old running days–so it was really amazing to me since I’ve been running so sporadically this time around.

In short, I feel awesome right now and can’t wait to run again. It’s really gotten up my spirits 😀


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