totally winging it


Here’s what I whipped up this afternoon to go with the brown rice I cooked yesterday. I put a beef roast in the crock pot last night and today it was nice and tender. So I shredded that up and added a green pepper and two yellow peppers (diced and sautéed in the microwave) and a can each of carrots and sweet peas. (I normally don’t do canned veggies, but for some reason I had them in the pantry so I needed to use them.) I put it on the stovetop with am Asian sauce from one of those packets and cooked so it was all mixed together and soaking up the sauce nicely.

I’ll actually be out of the house for dinner tonight–Madi and I have a playdate with a couple of mommy/daughter friends–but we’ll see tomorrow how it tastes.

PS–Nick said my peach pie I made yesterday was really good 🙂


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