getting off the plateau

The past couple of weeks, I’ve sort of been at a standstill with my weightloss. I’ve still got a good 15 pounds of baby-weight to get rid of before I’m back to my goal (not to pre-baby, but to my goal). So I started thinking about what could be stopping me. I’ve been doing more workouts than I think I was doing before–I’m even getting a chance to run now that the weather has broke, which is my favorite cardio. And Madi hasn’t been eating less than normal, so I’ve still been burning those extra calories feeding her 🙂


As an example–today’s workout burned about 330 calories, but MapMyRun told me I burned 545 calories for that workout. Clearly, that means I’ve been eating more calories than I’ve been burning…

The only thing I can come up with is that I’ve been pretty lax about wearing my heart rate monitor. Sometimes it really is a pain to put it on every time just because it sort of restricts some movements–or at least that’s the excuse I make to myself. But I think sometimes I just don’t wear it because I don’t want to know how few calories I burn. And I even switch it so it doesn’t show the calories the whole time–I see my heart rate instead. So let’s see how this goes–I’m planning on using my HRM for every workout for the next week and see if my progress is any better. (I’m sure it will, probably, if  for no other reason than that I can actually tell I work harder when I know my calories are being counted.)


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