trying to make good choices


Today we went out to eat for lunch because Nick was off work for Good Friday. Had a giftcard to a nearby restaurant, so wet tried it out–well, I did anyways, since it was the first time I’ve been there. Anywho, I tried to make good decisions for my food. The grilled lemon pepper chicken breast came with rice and two sides. For probably the first time in forever, I didn’t choose a potato for a side! I got the steamed broccoli and coleslaw–yeah, yeah, “But the slaw had fatty dressing!” Whatever! Still better than fries! I can’t remember the last time an entire meal at a restaurant landed me about 700 calories. Woohoo!


And later Madi was clingy (she’s been a bit touchy because she’s getting teeth). But I still wanted to get in a workout. I remember one if my BFFs used to post a lot of these workouts on her Instagram. So I looked at her old pictures and found a good one. I did the entire thing using a 16-pound Madi for weight on every move–except the push-ups, during which I gave her a little kiss every time I lowered myself 😙 Madi loved it, I got a great workout. Honestly, I didn’t think it’d take me very long, but I needed 30 minutes! Harder than I thought I’d be. Thanks, Amy, for a great burn! 💪


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