I love to run


Madi looks pissed off. Really she's just half asleep...

I finally did it! I ran! I honestly can’t believe that I pretty much haven’t gone running in nearly a year and a half 😮 I ran a half marathon at the beginning of November 2013. I can only remember two short runs last spring when I was pregnant. So it’s definitely been a year.

Anyways, I felt so great afterwards 😆 “If I had an extra two weeks to train, is want to try the half marathon at the end of April” was seriously a thought that went through my head. Two extra weeks would’ve given me 6 weeks to train for 13 miles… not sure that would’ve worked out, but I felt like I could do anything.

I was relieved I made it a mile. I was relieved I ran it in just over 13:00–with the stroller (with which I’m clearly not accustomed to running), I want sure what my pace would be. Heck, I was hoping for 13:00 without a stroller! I was relieved I still love it. I can’t wait for Wednesday (I think that’s when I’ll go again).


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