weekly dish {3/8/15}

I’ve had a very good week this week. I have indulged a little bit a few times—I pretty much have a cup of pudding every day if my calories allows, and we had pizza Friday night (frozen, but that leads me to another question), and we also had some froyo last night while we watched Mockingjay for a little at-home date night. But my results are good, as of my weigh-in on Friday morning. I’m participating in another challenge group via Facebook led by my friends. Since weigh-in for that started Monday, I’ve already lost a couple of pounds. From the beginning of February, I’ve lost 4.5 inches (waist, butt, thighs) and nearly 6 pounds.

But I’m loving getting back into my routine. It was a little hard this week, routine-wise, because I worked at school a couple of days, but I still got my workouts in. I was thinking of the workouts I did when I was at my “prime” a year ago and figured, maybe I should start doing those again. So right now I’m rotating three P90x workouts—Legs & Back, Chest/Shoulders/Triceps, and Back & Biceps—with some days of cardio, step class at the gym at present. I hope to get out on the trail and begin running again, but that sort of depends on Nick. Regardless of running, I’d really like it if Nick was home early anyways. And by “early” I mean 5:30, when he used to get home. For almost two months the kid has been working until 7-8 every night and bringing work home on weekends. But I digress…

This week, we had some pretty simple food. I made some ham in the slow cooker, which we ate with mashed sweet potatoes. My in-laws brought us dinner earlier in the week, so we had some leftovers of roast turkey and stuffing (yeah, it was Thanksgiving in March!). I also made some “fajitas” in the slow cooker—it was peppers and beef (I used cube steak, since I didn’t really know what that meant and it was on top of the pile of beef in the freezer) with taco seasoning. I’ve been adding salsa and cheese and tortilla chips to that and making a sort of “taco salad”. It’s simple and yummy 🙂

This week I’m trying to clean out the pantry. We’ll have lasagna, every ingredient I have in the cupboard/freezer. And I think I’m going to make some beef stew, with sweet potatoes instead of russet—I’m winging it, so we’ll have to see if it tastes and good. All those ingredients I have already as well. So at the store, I’ll just get some raw fruit and veggies to snack on. And the weekly 3 gallons of milk—we drink so much of it! And by “we” I mean Nick 😀

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