what kind of lifestyle do i lead??

on a day I subbed at school, I got SOOO many more steps than I normally get at home

on a day I subbed at school, I got SOOO many more steps than I normally get at home

Many people nowadays use pedometers to track how many steps they take each day. My new little gadget comes with a step tracker, so I have been able to see lately just how many steps I do take on average. Since I’ve been at home with Madi, I assumed I’m being pretty sedentary, considering she’s not mobile yet. And, according to my pedometer, I’ve been taking about 4500 steps a day around the house, on average. That really doesn’t seem like a lot, so I decided to look on the world wide web and see if there was any information about how many steps you need to be considered sedentary, lightly active, very active, etc.

So here’s what I found out. (Most sources were pretty similar.) These step counts don’t consider any workout–they’re literally how many steps you just happen to take, not try to take.

  • < 5000 steps — sedentary
  • 5000-7499 steps — lightly active
  • 7500-9999 steps — active
  • 10,000+ steps — very active

So I’ve assumed correctly that, on any given day, I’m considered sedentary. Lots of people have goals of hitting 10,000 steps with their FitBits (and other pedometers, though I think those are the most popular right now). Well, I’m going to set my goal for 5,000 steps a day, at least. I feel like just doing chores around the house that I should be able to get that many steps. And once Madi becomes mobile, especially crawling and walking, that goal might go up a little 🙂 Happy walking!!


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