my Shakeology experience


During this accountability group I’m doing with some friends this month, I’m drinking Shakeology. As always, I still don’t believe in any kind of shake to replace a meal as a form of weight loss. I am not using these shakes as meals–I use them as a post-workout snack. They do keep me full for a couple of hours though.

Anyways, I want to kind of keep track of how I make the shakes so I have a little list of recipes to try if I ever order more (honestly, that’s unlikely as I have few health issues–food has always given me enough nutrients to feel happy, healthy, and energized–and it is expensive, I think).

Every shake has a base of 10oz of 1% milk.

  • plain chocolate–has sort of a funky after-taste
  • plain vanilla–after-taste isn’t too bad
  • plain strawberry–after-taste isn’t too bad, but does taste a little “fake strawberry”
  • chocolate with a scoop of peanut butter–better than plain chocolate, but still not great
  • chocolate mug cake–packet of chocolate, 1 egg, add milk to batter-like consistency, drop of peanut butter in center (don’t mix after this); microwave 45-60 seconds–taste was okay, but texture of “cake” was that of sponge
  • “thin mint” shake–chocolate mix, half banana, dash of peppermint extract, slightly larger dash of vanilla–couldn’t taste anything over the banana, might try again without the banana
  • strawberry-banana shake–strawberry mix, half banana, half cup strawberries–very banana taste, will add more strawberries next time–couldn’t taste the ShakeO

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