fit & fabulous in february {week 1}

I have been really yo-yoing ever since Madi was born to get back to my healthier lifestyle I was living before pregnancy gave me cravings/excuses to NOT be healthy. I’d only lost about 10 pounds of my baby weight and just wasn’t being healthy–I’ve been eating crappy and not being active. So this month, I am participating in a challenge/accountability group, hosted by some friends of mine who happen to be Beachbody coaches–Amy (website, blog) and Kirsta (website, tumblr). I’m hoping that this group will get me back into the swing of things, like when being healthy was just second nature.

So it’s been a week with this group so far and I’m really enjoying it. I feel like it’s nice to be able to post (it’s on Facebook) whenever I’m feeling like making a bad choice and get support from the coaches and also the other participants. I’ve already lost about 5.5 pounds–that is typical for me, a sudden loss in the first week as my body kinda gets rid of all the bad stuff. I know that won’t happen again this week. But it is a nice reward to see that after a week of hard work.

I’ve not been perfect with food this week–some pop a couple days, a few sugary desserts. But for the most part, I’ve been pretty good. I’ve been eating more veggies 🙂 My working out has been REALLY GOOD though. I’ve worked out everyday. I’m borrowing PiYo (a Beachbody program) from Amy and most days this week I got in something more–a couple of days, I shoveled all the snow we had; took Madi for a walk on the track at the gym; and I even did an extra cardio workout on the day I was supposed to rest from PiYo.

Wish me luck on the next week!!


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