weekly dish {10/19/14}


It was an interesting week. Nick was away for work until yesterday evening, so it was Madi and me on our own. We survived–she even decided to sleep 7 hours one night and 8 his another 😀 It was hard to really do much in the evening, since she’s typically such a cuddly baby (by that I mean she usually cries if you put her down while she’s awake). But I knew that before he left, so I made meals for myself for the week on Sunday so I could just take it out and not worry about prepping anything. And work made the week just fly by. Our one difficult kid was having issues every day until Friday when he was practically an angel, which was great since I was working with him 🙂

Friday night, Madi and I went over to a friend’s house for dinner with some others. On Saturday, we went shopping with another friend to get a birthday gift for my mom and we stopped at Hallmark to get her a Baby’s First Christmas ornament and some other gifts for my niece and nephews.


This Past Week
Exercise this week…I think I did fairly well considering how attached Madi can be in the evenings. I did P90x Sunday and Thursday–legs and back was Thursday and I did about half of it holding Madi, the leg moves obviously. I got in a Zumba workout Monday–had to hold Madi for some of that, too. But after about 5 minutes of lightly jiggling her around, she fell asleep 🙂 And twice I walked about 10,000 steps. I’m not trying to make excuses about not doing a “real workout”, but when I work with this one kid at work, I get at least 10,000 steps–based on my stride, that’s nearly 3 miles. That’s a lot of time on my feet, so those days I don’t go to a lot of effort to make another workout happen. And yesterday, I did my first bootcamp workout which I really enjoyed (I think I’m going to write about that more in a separate post).

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