weekly dish {10/12/14}

It has been a good week. I was at work the whole week. It was nice that I had a couple of low key days in the middle for a nonviolent crisis intervention training, also known as how to protect myself from an aggressive student. The training definitely makes me feel better about working with some of the kids I work with. That was pretty much the only thing out of the ordinary for me. Oh, and there was a little celebration at work on Friday for two new staff babies, one being Madi, and two soon-to-arrive babies (one of those babies was actually being born at the hospital while the rest of us had cake :)).


I will admit that I broke down and had two pieces of cake that day. But I didn’t let it ruin my week!

I think I managed to get in a workout most days this week. I know I did P90x a few times and took Madi on a walk one day. Originally I didn’t want to really count walks as workouts since I can actually run again. But I haven’t been able to get out for runs because I don’t have the time and I can’t take Madi with me like I can with walks. So when I did go for that walk, I tried to go fast. I managed to get my first mile in under 18:30 which is awesome considering I haven’t gone under 20 in months. I also considered working with a particular kiddo a workout on Friday–this kid does stuff all over the school, so I got in like 10,000 steps which is almost three miles given my stride. And since I didn’t have time to do another world after work, I counted it 😉

My plan this week is sorta up in the air because it’s gonna be different than normal. So I’m trying to just make it through and not stress about stuff. I already have pretty much all my meals figured out and in the fridge.
So I got pork chops with some grilled veggies for one entree and baked ravioli for the other with some snacks. Hopefully I can get back in this habit of prepping, for both Nick’s and my sake.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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