was on a roll…

imageYou know what bugs me? When you get on a roll, being “good” for multiple days in a row, only to get sick. Last Tuesday through Sunday I was pretty good. I was eating fairly well, even with having dinner out a few times with friends. But, more importantly, I was being active. Even if it was just a walk or 30 minutes of a Zumba workout DVD, I was making sure I got myself moving.

Then Sunday night those pesky UTI symptoms reappeared (had my first ever UTI about a month ago). I didn’t hesitate to call the doctor Monday to go in–that first one was pretty painful, so if I’m showing signs again, you better believe I’m getting some meds. So I’m taking my antibiotic, but my body has still been in some pain and is pretty fatigued from fighting it off. Which means I’m not eating the best because I “just don’t care enough” right now to make sure I put in more effort than heating up a can of Spaghettios and am too pained/fatigued to do much other than about half an hour’s worth of household chores like laundry or the dishes at a time.

I’m really hoping to get back to it at least in one of those aspects tomorrow. My back is really in more of an “I’m 7 months pregnant” pain than an “I have a UTI” pain. Maybe a quick walk? And some quick cooking–I can make my own spaghetti 🙂 Anyways, I might have entered my third trimester, but I won’t let that stop me from being healthy. I feel that since I was so active before conceiving, I will be pretty able to read my body and make sure I don’t push too hard in a bad way…


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