hospital bag help

OK, I need some advice from my momma friends. I’ve done my research and seen dozens of lists of what moms need to take to the hospital with them. But I want to know if what these lists recommend is true–do I really need all of this stuff?!

Pretty much every list said I need these things:

  • ID (driver’s license), insurance card, hospital paperwork, birth plan
  • bathrobe
  • nightgowns
  • slippers/socks
  • pillow
  • camera, phone and charger
  • snacks (crackers, granola bars, etc. for after)
  • toiletries
  • nursing bras/nursing tanks, breast pads
  • heavy duty feminine pads
  • comfy underwear
  • journal, baby book
  • going home outfits for mom and baby
  • carseat
  • sugar-free hard candy (for during labor)

Some lists recommended:

  • flip flops
  • diapers & wipes
  • scratch mittens
  • money (for vending machines/cafeteria extras)
  • nail clippers for baby
  • take out menus (to order in)
  • white noise machine
  • diversions

So, mommas, is this pretty accurate? Are these the things I should be packing? No, I won’t actually pack this bag for another 7-8 weeks probably. But why not figure it out now?

Specifically, I have a few questions. Do I really need nightgowns? Because, if so, that means I actually have to go buy some. (I don’t think I’ve worn a nightgown since I was a tween.) Do I really need my own robe? I honestly don’t mind wearing the hospital provided gowns. Do I need diapers & wipes? I’m pretty sure those are provided at the hospital, at least the one I’m going to. Shouldn’t I take some clothes for the baby? Or does the hospital want he/she to be blanketed or provide basic onesies for me? (Probably gotta ask that at the hospital tour, honestly.)


One thought on “hospital bag help

  1. I wouldn’t pack the nail clippers because you can’t clip their nails right away but scratch mitts were necessary for us. I had a csection and spent an extra 3 days in the hospital. I would prepare for an extended stay, just in case. Bring extra outfits for the baby.
    My hospital didn’t supply anything, so I needed diapers and wipes. If you bring diapers, bring newborn and size 1. Caleb didn’t fit in newborn.
    Your list has pretty much everything I brought. I had a huge suitcase and everyone thought I was crazy but I used it all.

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