up 30, down 10

Okay, all of those people online (experts, “experts”, etc.) who are telling me that by now I should have gained 15-25 pounds due to the pregnancy, well, they can just shut it. I’ve gained 30 pounds since I became pregnant (I wasn’t at my smallest by the time I got pregnant, thanks to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a family vacation) and that doesn’t bother me at all. My doctor is not bothered about it–I’ve consistently gained 4-5 a month, thanks to my lack of morning sickness šŸ™‚

Another reason I don’t mind all this extra weight is because I’m still down 10 pounds from my “heaviest weight.” Before I started my healthier life in 2012, I weighed 164. (Technically, my heaviest weight was probably in the mid- to upper-170s during college but I didn’t have a scale or even care to weigh myself then.) Anyways, if I lost 45 pounds before, I know how to do it again and there’s not even a question as to how to do it–exercise daily, eat a well-balanced diet, and especially steer clear of fast food, pop, and sweets.

Knowing that in these last few months of my pregnancy I may end up weighing 5-10 pounds more than I was before I became “healthy”, I’m actually quite confident I’ll be able to get back to my healthy self, in diet, exercise routine, and measurements. It took me nearly 2 years to lose that 45 pounds I lost before–I do hope it doesn’t take me that long this time, but, again, it’s not all about the weight.

11/9/13 119 lbs.

119 lbs.

154.5 lbs





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