weekly dish {6/1/14}

This week was much better than last. I felt good the entire week 🙂 I went for a couple of walks and ate fairly healthy until this weekend. Friday evening, I had some fast food because I was out doing stuff until about 7:30 and was just starving. And yesterday and today was full of high school graduation parties and a baby shower, so I ate many sweet things.

karter melvinI would definitely say that the highlight of my week was getting a text Thursday night right before I feel asleep. The next afternoon, I got to meet my new baby nephew, Karter 🙂 Sure, he arrived three weeks early and caught EVERYONE by surprise, but he is such a cutie. He’s barely over 5-and-a-half pounds and is only 18 inches, but I’m in love with him already. I think my infatuation with him is probably due to my own pregnancy hormones–or that he is just so tiny and adorable. I thought when he was born I’d start to freak out a little bit about our baby, due in a few months–but somehow seeing him has made me more confident that Nick and I will be good parents, even if we have those moments of utter terror at being responsible for a person’s life.

week24I’ve just finished up my 24th week of pregnancy. And, aside from my UTI issues last week, my second trimester really has been amazing. I would have to say that the theory that your second trimester is the “honeymoon” stage because you don’t feel pregnant is definitely true–at least for me. Most of the time, I don’t feel pregnant. My bump isn’t big enough yet to really get in my way a whole lot. So if I actually feel pregnant, it’s when Herbie is moving or if I bend over to pick up something 🙂 I’m sad this trimester is almost over. I probably wouldn’t be so much if it wasn’t for the fact that summer is about to begin. And, even if pregnancy hasn’t affected me much so far, I’m sure a third trimester in an Ohio summer (humid 80s-100s) is going to suck…


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