weekly dish {5/26/14}

Whoops! Yet again, I’ve let a chunk of time pass without posting…I will say I truly meant to do a weekly dish post last week, but I didn’t feel well on Sunday. Yeah, I could’ve still posted after that. Except I didn’t feel good until Thursday.

For the first time, pregnancy made me miserable, with the first UTI I’ve ever had. Gotta say, it sucked and I’m still taking my antibiotics. But I slept on the floor three nights in a row, used a heating pad whenever I was home, and took much more Tylenol than I wanted to. (I usually don’t take pain meds at all unless I’m in tears, and other meds are similar because they’re just chemicals. But I was in tears and needed to go to work some days and sleep at night.) Anyways, I went to the doctor for backpain, which turned out to be that UTI I suspected and I’m feeling much better (with my prescribed meds 😕 ) and I hope I can steer clear of getting another, since they’re common during pregnancy.

That was pretty much my week. I ate canned soup and frozen Healthy Choice meals all week because I could barely stand to prep anything for more than 5 minutes. Needless to say, that wasn’t very healthy. And, obviously, I didn’t work out. I did manage a quick walk with a friend Thursday evening after my back started to feel a bit better.

Today I’ve taken advantage of my day off work for Memorial Day–thanks to all vets past, present, and future for dying to protect my freedoms–to catch up on all the household chores I didn’t do last week. And slow cooker lasagna and a veggie soup have been prepped for the week. If nothing else, this week can’t be much worse than last week 🙂


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