weekly dish {5/4/14}


I had a rather lovely week. It was calm and simple, so what’s not to like? I think one thing in particular that I liked was the end of April–for me, that meant my last month of ridinig the school bus for work was over. I didn’t mind so much, but I had to get up an hour earlier. Who doesn’t like getting an extra hour of sleep in the morning? Plus, I got three free lunches at work this week because the administrations was feeling generous. I love Dave’s Cosmic Subs, which I had two days–it’s not quite the same when I have to take it apart and heat the meat, but still amazing 🙂

So my eating was pretty good. The subs at work weren’t too unhealthy. That slice of pizza I had probably wasn’t the best choice…And I most likely didn’t need both chimichangas I had at dinner last night, but it was just so good!! I had lots of veggies throughout the week. But I am finding it sort of hard to take in a healthy 2000 calories a day. That’s about what I should take in this trimester, but exercise is giving me another 200-ish a day to take in. I think I should try to use the veggie stuff as snacks and not meals. That way I take in more protein, but still get the veggies and get some extra calories.

This week I made:
Veggie Pizza
Stuffed Pasta Salad

Next week I’ll eat:
–another Veggie Pizza
–either my Mexican Lasagna or tacos, haven’t decided how much effort I feel like putting into it yet 😛

I was pretty active this week. I think the only day I rested completely was Monday. I went for a walk, tried out a different pregnancy DVD workout–from Jazzercise–a couple of times. I counted my hour-long grocery trip as an exercise, because I truly believe it still counts.


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