weekly dish {4/27/14}

There isn’t a whole lot of stuff that happened this past week. Just work at school and the daycare. We did have a field trip on Friday for school, just to eat lunch at a restaurant–that is a reasonable learning experience for the kids in the class. So we went to Bob Evan’s. I made pretty healthy choices, half a sandwich and a cup of soup. I probably could’ve done without the biscuits, but they’re just so yummy đŸ™‚ Other than work and chores around the house, I didn’t do much other than watching new movies from the library and a bit of exercise. And that’s okay–I’m glad I had some downtime.


I did alright this week with exercising. I went for a couple of walks with some friends. I also went for a run early in the week–I only made it about a mile before I called it quits. It didn’t have anything to do with the baby–but my foot started to hurt me, and, with the added weight of baby, I didn’t push it. (I bought a support belt to try, just to make sure I don’t hurt my back too much, for when I try running again this week.)


And I tried out that Fit and Firm Pregnancy workout DVD from Denise Austin. I found the cardio very lame because it didn’t even make me breath a bit hard or anything. But the 2nd trimester toning workout was pretty good. It is basically just to maintain some muscle, and there is just one move for each “basic” muscle group–biceps, triceps, back, chest, outer thighs, inner thighs, and quads. (I think it’d have been easy to add a quick calf exercise in there, like calf raises?) One more to try out from that DVD, the breath and core awareness. As far as Denise Austin goes, she’s pretty annoying. But I think that about a lot of exercise DVD hosts–Tony Horton’s jokes on P90x over and over again get a bit old…



  • Veggie Pizza (I plan to make it on a pre-made whole wheat pizza crust)
  • Pasta Salad (going to use some cheese-filled pasta, Buitoni)

After a week of hearty, cold-weather dishes full of veggies, I’m trying to figure out some lighter, spring/summer-appropriate dishes loaded with veggies. And these were the first things I thought of…and I’ve seriously been craving them since I decided to make them, something I’d never think I’d crave. The major problem I have is that I’m not a big salad person, though I did have spinach with strawberry and feta the other night.


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