first day back “on the horse”


Okay, today was officially my first day back “on the horse”. I wasn’t too bad yesterday, for Easter–just some candy, of course, and a piece of a dessert pie. And, when I could’ve sat on my ass and continue watching The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug in the evening, I chose to go for a brisk walk with some friends.

So today was a pretty good day. Even though I did buy a school lunch and the entree (what we called fiestadas in my day, but are commonly called Mexican pizzas now) wasn’t that healthy, I ate my veggies (corn and carrots) first. I had a couple of snacks in the afternoon, and had some jambalaya for dinner tonight. I also went for a run when I was done with work. I meant to do 2 miles, but I did only 1 mile because I really wasn’t feeling it. I know I just ran 2 miles about 10 days ago, but I was 2 pounds lighter! (Saying it that way, it seems crazy to gain weight so quickly, but it’s normal.) Anyways, that mile sucked, but at least I didn’t give up after 0.5, which I wanted to do 🙂

And it’s amazing how awesome I feel. Just like it used to be, half of my mood seems to be based on how I treat myself. And even though I might like junk food, it never makes me feel as happy as knowing I’m treating myself right.

I’m not planning on updating every day, just to tell you if I’ve managed to be good, but we’ll see what happens.


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