outing myself

For some unknown reason, even to myself, I have taken pretty much a hiatus from here for the past few months. The fact that I found out I was PREGNANT 19 WEEKS AGO  wasn’t really a reason to stop blogging. Nor was pregnancy a reason to change my lifestyle like I let it.

DSC08956I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a much worse pregnant lady than I thought I’d be, health- and fitness-wise. I had all these plans before it happened, to eat just as well as I had been beforehand keep active. I have failed those plans completely. The first trimester was sort of excusable. While I didn’t actually feel sick much, the thought of eating all the veggies I’d been eating before made me gag. And I was exhausted pretty much all of the time. But just because I didn’t want to eat veggies, didn’t mean I should give up other healthy stuff, which I did.

Now that I’m in my second trimester, I should be doing better. And I’ve tried to go running a few times, which worked out fine. I didn’t even lose much time in my pace. But winter just lasted SO LONG! And then, just when I think it’s going to be nice and I can get in some sort of running and walking routine after work, it f*cking SNOWS IN APRIL! Grrr… (Honestly, I love winter, but with as bad as this one was, I could do without winter for a couple of years.) And I’ve still been eating like crap. I made a couple of healthy meals to last the week a couple weeks ago, but it just so happened that was the one week I actually did feel sick 2-3 days, so I just ate soup or Spaghetti-Os.

I know some people might say it’s okay to give in to cravings. But that’s not what is happening. I’m using pregnancy as an excuse to eat things I haven’t had in years–pop, fast food, sweets, etc. And it’s so easy for me to use that excuse when I think, “Lots of women eat like garbage and sit on their asses their entire pregnancies and have healthy babies, so why can’t I indulge in a little of what I miss?” What a horrible excuse!!

And there’s really no excuse for how much time I’ve spent sitting on the couch. Even if I just did housework, that’s something. But I’ve spent so much time doing NOTHING. I’ve gained a few inches in my hips/butt, which is not pregnancy related (I think I’ve mentioned that’s where I gain weight, especially when I eat shit and sit on my ass). I’ve gained about 20 pounds already. While I’m not at all going to try to lose weight (that’s just bad), I’m going to try hard to gain only the 4-5 pounds a month I should be gaining.

So, starting Monday, I’m going to try my best to get back at it and be a healthy momma. Hopefully this post will help, since I’ve “rededicated” myself to my best lifestyle 5-6 times throughout my first 18 weeks. (Monday is realistic, since Easter will be over, I think haha)

My goal is to eat less processed food–and give up the fast food and pop I’ve started having, even occasionally. I want to eat veggies again–even if it means raw celery with ranch twice a day, that’s much better than no veggies, right? I will no longer buy sweets at all, except froyo–but if I attend a party or something and am offered a slice of cake, I might partake.
As far as exercise goes, I want to do some sort of activity 4-5 times a week. Walking, running, light weight-lifting or cardio, whatever, for at least 30 minutes a day. I’m going to look into some prenatal workouts from the library, since I know there is probably some stuff I could do to help prepare my body 🙂


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