home-made & healthy {mexican stuffed shells}


For the first time in a long while–maybe about 3 months–I actually cooked something to eat for the week!! And this is what I made: Mexican Stuffed Shells.

They were quite tasty–I think I tried making a different recipe once before and didn’t like them, but these were pretty good. I made two different versions, one with black beans and one with refried beans. Ironically, Nick likes the refried better and I like the black. But, seeing as I’m the cook, I can make them whatever way I want 🙂 And they are pretty easy to make.

PS–I just happened to have some leftover “Fire Sauce” from Taco Bell, so I tried it on them. AMAZING!!!!

-1 lb of taco meat (whatever meat you want plus the seasonings)
-1 box jumbo pasta shells, boiled
-1 can (15oz-ish) refried or black beans
-8 oz shredded colby jack cheese
-8 oz shredded pepperjack cheese
-1 can (12oz-ish) enchilada sauce

1) Preheat oven to 350. Cover bottom of 9×13 baking dish with some enchilada sauce, about half the can.
2) Mix meat, 3/4 cheeses, and beans. Spoon into shells, laying shells on sauce in dish.
3) Cover shells with remaining sauce and cheeses. Heat in oven until bubbly. (About 7 minutes for me–remember, everything is already cooked through, so this is just to melt the cheese basically.)


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