weekly dish {1/19/14}


When I started to write this post, I realized that last week’s never published 😦 It was there, saved as a “draft” for no one to see but myself. So, I decided not to publish it–don’t really need two of what I’m sure to everyone is the “same”. The only big thing that happened two weeks ago was a sort of blizzard in the area. We had snow drifts about 7-8 feet high in our yard–my father-in-law had to use his backhoe to move the snow in our driveway. After all the snow came a few days of windchills in the -40s. Some schools in the area were supposed to go back after their winter breaks, but had the whole week off. We only went to school that Friday after a 2-hr delay.

Last weekend was Christmas for my mom’s side of the family. It was fun, and I actually got to spend the whole day with them, which I usually don’t on holidays because we cut short my family stuff to do stuff with Nick’s family 😕

So this week was nice. Short, for me, too. Back to school for a few days, but I stayed home Thursday to take Nick to the doctor because he had the flu. One of my best friend’s had her baby Thursday, too! A beautiful 8lb 12oz, 21-inch girl 🙂 I’m very excited to go visit her tomorrow 😀 We were going to go to Pennsylvania this weekend with some friends, but Nick was still recovering from the flu, so we decided to stay at home. Also, this month, I’ve been working at the daycare I used to work at for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Only do-able because I’ve been riding the bus in the morning for work, so I get to leave at 2:30, so it keeps me a little busier in the afternoon. But that sort of threw off my “chores”. So I caught up–mostly–yesterday with a 5-hour stint of cleaning and putting away the Christmas stuff (finally).

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SUNDAYcleaned 2.5 hours
MONDAYZumba Rush, only a 20-minute workout, but better than nothing, right?
TUESDAYP90x Cardio X
WEDNESDAYcleaned 50 minutes
THURSDAYP90x Plyo, only about half of the workout
FRIDAYshoveled snow
SATURDAYbody ball class @ gym

This Past Week’s Cooking
This week, I made lasagna with some spinach. Nothing really special, I just made it without measuring a thing. Then I made slow cooker chicken fajitas. For myself, I whipped up a few servings of whole wheat noodles, alfredo sauce, broccoli, and chicken sausage–a meal I made a lot over the summer.

On the Menu
I’m going to make slow cooker beef stew and a few different Chinese dishes, maybe Mongolian Beef and some stir fry.


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