weekly dish {1/5/2014}

I can’t believe a week of me staying at home went by so quickly. Well, Nick stayed home sick Monday and then was home Wednesday for the New Year. We had a fun NYE at a friend’s house. Last year, I’m pretty sure we just stayed home by ourselves. I watched the entire premiere season of “Under the Dome” in two days this week. I went to the gym a few times. Shoveled about six inches of snow on Thursday. It’s snowing right this very minute, so I’m sure I’ll have shoveling on my list of chores for tomorrow. (We’re supposed to get about 7-10 inches over the next 24 hours, so we shall see.) Friday, I went to work at the daycare I used to work at, which I offer to do over school breaks. Get some contact with the outside world and make some money, since I don’t get paid holiday breaks. Friday night we went to another friend’s house to watch the Orange Bowl, OSU vs. Clemson. Because I watched the game, OSU lost–I’m bad juju.

As far as my resolutions are concerned, I’ve done fairly well. The cleaning has been going good, though a few days I haven’t had time to do dishes, like Friday. But I’ve caught up, even washed the shower yesterday, just as I scheduled it 😦 I’ve also been reading more. I’m finishing up a book I started last fall, Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. So when I’m done with it, I’ll either finish A Farewell to Arms by Hemingway, another book I started months ago for a discussion and never finished, or I’ll jumpstart with something different.

SUNDAY–P90x Kenpo at home
MONDAY–P90x Back & Biceps at home
TUESDAY–ran 2.43 miles, walked 1.30 miles at gym
WEDNESDAY–p90x Chest, Shoulders, and Tris at home
THURSDAY–shoveled driveway
FRIDAY–p90x Yoga at home
SATURDAY–step class at gym

This Past Week’s Cooking
I made White Bean Chicken Chili and some Chicken Tortilla Soup right after Christmas which lasted through the week. I really need to make up posts for the recipes, since they were tasty.

On the Menu
A Black Bean Taco Soup and White Chicken Enchilada Casserole are in my plans, both recipes from Six Sisters Stuff.


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