first yoga attempt…since gaining upper-body strength


So this evening I tried doing the yoga portion of the P90x program. It’s an hour and a half of yoga. In the past, I tried it maybe twice or thrice, but never did more than about thirty minutes of it. Today I went into it thinking it’d be easier because, since I last tried it, I gained considerable upper-body strength, at least for me.

The workout starts with about forty minutes of strength yoga, which really tired out my legs and shoulders. But once I got past the point I normally stop it, I realized it wasn’t all that hard. The next thirty minutes are balance and posture moves–much easier, for the most part. Then there was what I considered simple stretching.

I was very surprised to find myself rather relaxed during and after this workout. I wasn’t even focused on the breathing it clearing my head. I just wanted to try doing the moves–only one, crane pose, that was completely beyond me.

One of my goals this year is to do more yoga, because I want to gain strength and flexibility both. So I have it “scheduled” to do yoga every Friday. Can’t always say I’ll have time to do the whole hour and a half, but I can try 🙂


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