happy new year!!


Yeah, I know. “Not another damn post about the new year!” But it just wouldn’t be right without it. Yesterday, I did get annoyed with all the “2013 was awesome because of…Hope 2014 will be just as awesome” that was flowing on the Facebook–I expressed this with my own post of (think of a monotone voice saying) “blah blah blah, 2013 was great. Yada yada yada, 2014 will be cool.”


Anyways, as I’m one who seriously loves lists, I did make up a nice list of resolutions. I think they are pretty normal things to strive for and, as a whole, are pretty well-rounded. Meaning, they’re not all about “losing weight” or a career.

Keep the house “show ready” (aka clean)
I too often find myself spending the entire day on a weekend cleaning the house. And many hours especially when we’re expecting guests. So to do about an hour of cleaning every day during the week will really help. I already made up a schedule of what to do when and how often. I don’t need to clean the shower every week, for instance, so that’s a monthly thing. But taking the recycling to the processing center.is an every-two-weeks thing. Anyways, things like doing the dishes every day will be hardest, but I’ve done them 6 out of the past 7 days, so that’s good. Really the reason behind this resolution is, since I work fewer hours than Nick, I feel like I should put that extra time into the house, ya know?

Read 12 Books
I think I read only a handful of books last year, but I listened to a lot of audiobooks. Anyways, I’m hoping to get back to reading a bit. I used to read more than 50 a year. But when I got into working out, they were put by the wayside. I also hopes this makes me realize how much time I spend watching reruns of stuff in TV.

Get Pregnant
I know that might seem like a weird thing to strive for, but really it might not be that easy. If it’s not that hard, that’s great. But along with getting pregnant comes needing to plan (which I love to do). Also, it will be SOOO hard for me to not go buying a bunch of stuff as soon as we do get pregnant–that will be the hardest part, I think.

Go Somewhere I’ve Never Been
Last year, I went to Washington DC and Green Bay, WI. Both were new to me places. Because my parents didn’t take me and my sisters on a lot of traveling when we were growing up, I can say that somewhere only about an 8-hour car drive away would get me somewhere new 🙂 So this won’t be too difficult, I think.

Pay Off at least Half of my Remaining Student Loans
I think I still owe about $11,000. But I think that’s doable, even if it’s about the same as the pay-back schedule I have.

Get a Teaching Job or a Job with Higher Pay and/or Benefits
This is pretty normal, I think. I have my BS in Education and I’ve kept my teaching license up to date, but I haven’t really used it in the past 3.5 years. I really want to teach. However, social studies is a hard field for me to find spots in right now, especially hard for me as a woman because it’s generally a man’s job (what with the social studies teachers coaching football, wrestling, basketball, etc.) If I can’t find that, I’d be happy with a job that pays more or has benefits–even a para job like what I have now, just in another district.

Stay on Budget
A little vague, but basically I don’t want to spend a lot on frivolous or unnecessary things. Nick and I get $40 a month each to spend on whatever, though we have a budget for this that need taken care of, like hair cuts and trips to the carwash. We’re even going to try out a competition, where whichever of us spends the least of that allowance gets an extra $10 the next month. He will probably win…

Run 15 Miles
Pretty self-explanatory. My farthest is 13.4, so I think I can d this.

Run a Half Marathon Quicker than 2:31
That’s my PB (personal best) for that distance race, so I’d like to do it quicker 🙂

Be More Active Outdoors
Vague, but I want to try to do more outdoors in the spring, summer, and fall. Maybe even the winter. Whether that’s trying new stuff, like hiking, which I’ve never really done seriously (probably because of the fact that within a 1-hour car ride radius from home the land is flat as glass). Or maybe just riding my bike more. Not sure I’ll go out snowshoeing or sperlunking, but yeah.

Get More Flexible
I’ve never been too flexible, physically. And I don’t expect to be like a dancer or gymnast, but to put my hands flat on the floor without bending my knees is doable, right? This sort of goes with my next resolution.

Get Stronger
I guess being flexible and strong are usually not put together. But I’d like to be able to do some yoga. For some kinds of yoga you have to be both, though.

Maintain My Weight
Plus or minus a few pounds. I gained almost 8 pounds in the last couple months from lack of proper exercise and eating. So if I get back to what I was, it wouldn’t worry me. But if I get pregnant, obviously this and some other resolutions will change or be put on hold

Be in the Here and Now
Probably too often I worry about getting the right picture of something so I can look back on it forever. But I think that makes me pay less attention when I actually am somewhere doing something. I’m not warding off pictures altogether. I think family photos are important. But maybe my more candid shots I could do away with, because that means I’m not so present.


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