weekly dish {12/29/13}


This one will be short and sweet, mostly because I’m doing this on my phone. After we got home from Green Bay ay the beginning of the week, we started to care for the basement which had some minor water damage from a few days of heavy rain on top of 8 inches of snow white we were gone. (This is why I’m on my phone–internet is down because cord to modem got wet…) Then we had Christmases to do. I got lots of fun stuff–already used one of my new running shirts and a nice thin earband while I went out for my first run in nearly two months out of doors. All in all, we had three Christmases to attend, two on Wednesday, one yesterday. My extended family does them later in the winter, so that’s always nice.

I’m not going to list what I did for exercise, because I can’t remember, and on my phone it’s hard to check. So you’ll just have to look at the pictures. I think the gallery should work okay, even if I set it up from my phone.

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I also didn’t cook much his last week, since we had so many lunches/dinners out. I quite enjoyed the Real Seafood Co. in Toledo, which we went to with a gift certificate from Nick’s dad on Friday night. I did make White Bean Chicken Chili and Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup on Thursday, so I’m not sure I will make anything this week, because that will last us through most the week.


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