running makes me happy


I ran outside for the first time in nearly two months today. I ran on the treadmill a couple of times at the gym this month, but the last time I really ran (outside, that is) was the Walt Churchill Half Marathon in November 9th. And I truly have felt in a super mood since this morning.

I have felt “off” for awhile. After that half marathon, I had my wisdom teeth out. So I just sort of fell out of sync with my eating and exercise. I haven’t felt depressed or anything, but I haven’t felt up to my 100% perky-ness. And then, with December, I stopped any sort of consistency in eating and exercise.

I haven’t been doing P90x, I haven’t been running, I’ve been having a harder time resisting the sweets and fast food, though I’ve managed. But I’ve been sort of compensating that craving by just upping my intake of the less healthy stuff I eat, like peanut butter or granola bars. As a result, I’ve gained about 7 pounds since the beginning of November. While I’m not sad I’ve gained weight, it is a concern. That much gain means my lifestyle is out of whack and I really need to get back to my normalcy. (I don’t know if it has much to do with it, but I’m sure my going off the pill around the same time has had some effect.)

I was so happy that, when I finished my 2-mile run this morning, I started to feel myself. I felt happy and like I could resist temptations, how I used to feel. I don’t know if it was the run specifically–it could’ve also been that the sun was shining and it was a little warm outside (36).


By the way, yesterday I went to Dave’s Running Shop, the closest running-dedicated place around. I had one of those surprise envelopes with a prize inside, expiration date of 12/31. So I bought another pair of running socks like the ones I have already, and my prize was…another pair of socks 🙂 Loved it!


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