So over the past couple weeks, maybe even a month, I’ve really been struggling to stay healthy. It started slightly before Thanksgiving probably. But my struggle has really manifested itself this past week.

Due to circumstances partially out of my control, I’ve been thrown into situations with a lot of tempting unhealthy food and daily activities getting in the way of fitness. I’m still eating healthier than I could be, but I’m caving into certain stuff.

It’s also hard because it is so close to 2014. I honestly don’t think Christmas has anything to do with it. But now that I’m so close to a new year and new resolutions, I’m thinking, “I can just eat whatever and start all new and gung-ho with healthier eating next year.” But I don’t want to go down that slippery slope!!

I’m currently on day two of a four-day stretch of not being able to control a lot of what I’m eating. Lots of restaurant-eating. And while I made a healthier decision yesterday night to have a portion of “Skinnylicious” White Chicken Chili from the Cheesecake Factory and no cheesecake (okay, I tried a small bite of three flavors–DELISH!!), breakfast this morning was a Belgian waffle, two muffins and a small donut. (See, I truly do love carbs! You can believe me!)

So I want to make a more public statement and see if it helps me on these last couple days of a nearly 7-day stint of less healthier restaurant meals.

It is December 21, 2013 and I will stop myself from giving into cravings of less healthy food and make a point to eat healthier options when forced to “eat out”, starting with dinner tonight.


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