weekly dish {12/15/13}

wpid-IMG_20131212_084300.jpgThis week seemed to drag on and on and on! To start off, I’d planned to go to my step-niece’s school Christmas play, but it was postponed because school was closed due to the weather. So, since that didn’t pan out, I went to step class at the gym 🙂 Wednesday we had a 2-hour delay schedule at work, but I still went in at the normal time and organized/prepped some stuff with the other staff in our room. Thursday, I took E to step class with me. It was pretty funny to watch her–she’s more used to kickboxing, which is arm stuff, and not so coordinated in the feet/legs area. Then I kept messing up because I was laughing at her. But overall, the step class has been like riding a bike for me 🙂 Thursday was SUPER cold! Like in single digits when I went to work in the morning–maybe if recess hadn’t been indoor recess because of the cold 4 of the 5 days of school it wouldn’t have seemed such a long week?


And Saturday finally came. It snowed ALL DAY! I mean, like 7-8 inches of snow all day. Around 4-5 inches, I started to shovel the driveway. I truly love to shovel snow and rake leaves–don’t ask me why. But it was a lot of snow. I did just the areas of the driveway we need to back out of the garage, turn around, and then drive out to the road. And it took me nearly 2 hours. There was about and inch of snow on the first parts I cleared by the time I was “done”. Then my father-in-law came over and plowed the whole thing over anyways. But hey, got my workout in, didn’t I?

Yesterday evening, Nick and I had dinner with some friends. We’d planned to see the Christmas lights at the Toledo Zoo after dinner, which is sort of our gang’s tradition, but the weather wasn’t that great. So simple dinner out and then back to J’s house to hang out for a bit. It was fun spending some more time with her and her boyfriend, who we’ve only met once–he seems like a pretty fun guy 🙂 I think he’ll fit in well with our group’s sense of humor.

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SUNDAY–Zumba Exhilirate
MONDAY–I used the treadmill on an incline walk for 25 minutes, then did a step & sculpt class. I remembered most of the steps, too!
TUESDAY–Used the elliptical for about 35 minutes
WEDNESDAY–Cleaned the house in anticipation of weekend guests for a couple of hours. And I shoveled a little snow, only took me 30 minutes to do the whole driveway.
THURSDAY–Step & Sculpt for 45 minutes at the gym
FRIDAY–Cleaned the rest of the house and got groceries, about 3 hours
SATURDAY–Shoveled lots of snow for about 2 hours!

This Past Week’s Cooking


I tried a new meal, a chili recipe from E. Originally I thought it was a slow cooker recipe, and I’m sure it could be. But I followed the recipe’s directions on this one. And it was certainly tasty. We both loved it, so I’m sure it’ll be made again soon.I did make Slow Cooker Lasagna again–so GOOD! I think it tasted even better, oddly enough due to the fact that the cottage cheese I used this time had been frozen at one point (when we stuck it in the freezer when our power went out a few weeks ago and left it in there when power returned).

On the Menu

I did get stuff to make two meals, but I think I’ll only make one. It’s going to be a shorter week for us, so I don’t want to make more than what we’ll go through, unless I need to use the produce to keep it from spoiling. Got both the recipes while searching for slow cooker soupy stuff on Pinterest: Vegetarian Italian Bean Soup and Moroccan Stew. It seems like most the produce that could spoil is for the Moroccan Stew, so I  guess that’s what I’ll be making. And I will try the other next week.


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