weekly dish {12/1/13}

This was the shortest work week of the school year–off Wednesday thru Friday for the Thanksgiving holidays. Unfortunately for me, that’s not so great because if I don’t work, I don’t get paid 😦 But I guess I make up for it with those paid personal/sick days 🙂 Anyways, work was short and sweet. I don’t know that I’ve ever been so excited for Thanksgiving break–almost as excited as I get for Christmas or spring breaks. So on Wednesday, I cooked for Thanksgiving and cleaned, so I could decorate for Christmas on Friday while I was home again 🙂


Thursday, we spent most of the day down in the Springfield area with my mom’s family for Thanksgiving. I got to finally meet my cousin’s new daughter, just 2 months old! She was so precious. And it was fun to see my nephew and cousin’s other daughter play together–this must be what it was like for my aunts and uncles to see us play together 20 years ago 🙂


Friday, I did indeed decorate the house for Christmas. I also did laundry for myself for the first time in a month–I have just about the right amount of tops that I can go for about 1.5 months without washing, only the bottoms (I only have a pair of each “basic” color that fit right now). I guess that might mean I have too many clothes, but I look at it as a way to save on the water/electric 🙂


Then Saturday was Thanksgiving with Nick’s family. So we ate, watched the OSU vs. Michigan game (which I have little interest in), and then the boys went outside and shot some clays. Typical family gathering…At least it was our last Thanksgiving festivities. I know I was excited for Thanksgiving, but I’m ready to go back to work now. I’ve had too much time at home to think about certain things and I’m beginning to overthink and get myself a little worked up. So I need something to keep me busy now, even if it means dealing with behaviors at work.

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SUNDAYP90x Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
MONDAYInsanity Max Cardio Conditioning
TUESDAYP90x Back & Biceps
WEDNESDAYcleaned the house & cooked for 5 hours, the cleaning so I could decorate for Christmas on Friday and the cooking for Thanksgiving
THURSDAY–I didn’t eat TOO much, but I definitely ate a lot…and then proceeded to be lazy once we got back home, even though I had a good 4 hours in which I could’ve done something
FRIDAY–I tried to eat better, but I had a little emotional eating 😦 I counted my cleaning/decorating/shopping as my workout for the day–another 5 hours of it (and no, I didn’t do Black Friday shopping, just the normal grocery shopping)
SATURDAY–I made sure to get my workout in first thing in the morning before another round of Thanksgiving fun, P90x Kenpo. But I ate a lot and felt not so great by the end of the evening…

This Past Week’s Cooking
I guess the only thing I really made this week was the corn casserole I made for Thanksgiving. Well, I suppose that Slow Cooker Potato Pepper Jack Soup I made counts, too. It just seems like that was longer than a week ago! I did make up some of my favorite fall “bread”–Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread. Usually I make it as soon as October comes round, but this year I was super late with it. Oh, well. It tasted great!

On the Menu
I finally made the turkey this weekend. So, of course, I made dressing (just the Stove Top boxed kind) to go with it. And we’re still finishing up that corn casserole. I doubt I will make a slow cooker meal this week, just because we’ll be eating the Thanksgiving “leftovers” all week.


2 thoughts on “weekly dish {12/1/13}

  1. Thanks for sharing the pumpkin bread. I keep searching for a good one.

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