weekly dish {11/24/13}


Well, to start off the week, we had a big storm in the area. There was no real damage around our house, but we did lose power for about 8 hours. Nick’s grandma stopped by to hunker down in our house because she was on her way home from town when the storm hit. After she left, we played Stratego, an old board game I really suck at–it’s sort of like RISK. I don’t think anyone we know personally had any severe damage, but I didn’t have work Monday because the city in which I work was recovering from no power and some pretty hefty damage–for instance, a gas station awning nearby where one of my best friends used to live collapsed onto all the pumps and a nearby industrial building had its windows and roof blow apart. So no school. Believe me, I was SOOO bored Monday! I’d already been sitting at home with pretty much no contact with the outside world, except via texting, for FOUR days 😕

Luckily, a friend/co-worker rescued me from my boredom and I went to the mall with her while she ran some errands and we got lunch. Wednesday through Friday, the teacher in my room was gone at a conference. Wednesday and Friday were okay, but Thursday was a doozy. I’ve been working there for nearly a year (like 2 weeks shy) and not until Thursday did I get bit during a behavior. I think that’s a good streak, but in all seriousness, I hope this boy gets better soon–he’s not been feeling well, which is why he was overly aggressive. Stinks when the kids are sick and they can’t tell you really what they’re feeling–makes it hard for them to get better 😦

wpid-IMAG4388.jpgSaturday was a busy day! First I had to pick up a quarter of beef from the butcher, which we got from my brother-in-law. Then I went to town to go to the Holiday Parade with my sisters and mom–loved it, as usual! Ran some errands before I went home. In the evening, I had dinner with friends/co-workers–it was a nice Mexican feast! All while Nick was at the OSU football game with his brother 🙂 After doing so much stuff together for 10 years, sometimes it’s nice to have a day full of stuff to do without him. That might make me sound awful, but it’s the truth!

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SUNDAY–When I’d written in last week’s post that I meant to do some cardio, I truly meant it. But when the power went out from the storm and there were no lights to do anything by, I just didn’t get it done. But, for the first time in probably 5 days, I resisted the urge to eat some froyo I had in the house! Yay 🙂
MONDAY–I scraped an old carpet pad off the cement floor in our basement for an hour–it was harder than I thought it’d be.
TUESDAY–I did only about 30 minutes of a Zumba workout
WEDNESDAY–The day I recommitted to my healthy lifestyle, I ate really well and did a 45-minute Zumba workout, during which I got more and more energized as it went on.
THURSDAY–While I didn’t workout at home, that was because my energy was spent wrestling a kid to the ground at work and keeping him from hurting himself and me.
FRIDAY–I did P90x Legs & Back for the first time since October. (My legs are still sore!)
SATURDAY–I walked about 1.5 miles around town for the parade, but got held up in town longer than I meant afterwards and didn’t have time to workout at home.

This Past Week’s Cooking
I made that second attempt at the Vegetarian Chili I tried in October (original post, second attempt post). The result was much better this time around. I also made my healthy egg salad because I was craving that mustardy goodness–mine is heavy on the mustard haha

On the Menu
I’m making Slow Cooker Pepper Jack Potato Soup this week, which I’m very excited about! I’m also going to be trying a sort of jalapeno popper–kinda winging it on that one. I’m also going to make some stuff for Thanksgiving–the free turkey Nick gets from work and dressing, just for the two of us since we’re not hosting; a corn casserole for  my family dinner; and another corn and pepper casserole for Nick’s family dinner.


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