getting back at it

imageIt is time for me to get back at it!

Since November began, I prepped for and then rested after my second half marathon. Which was shortly followed by my minor wisdom teeth surgery. So there’s been a lot of not exactly healthy eating and a lot less of exercise.


I woke up this morning with the resolve to get back to business. I’ve gotten into these sorts of “slumps” before and they can last a few months–I don’t want that. I know that my attention has been spent elsewhere, especially focusing more on babies because Nick and I are trying to start our family. But that doesn’t give me any excuse. If I want to get pregnant, I should get back to my “normal” which is healthy foods and daily exercise because that will make for a healthy me and, hopefully, healthy baby.

And today has been great. I started off with pumpkin in my oatmeal and a glass of OJ–all my food groups were met in the first hour of my day! I did only do Zumba this evening, but as I kept going, I felt more and more like my happy self šŸ™‚


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