weekly dish {11/17/13}

This one is going to be brief. For no reason other than that I just don’t think my week consisted of much of anything and there’s not a whole lot to talk about.


For starters, I only worked 3 days this week. They were fairly normal days. Thursday I had my wisdom teeth removed in the morning and I stayed home Friday to “recover”. I was feeling pretty much 100% Thursday evening after the anesthesia I’d be under wore off. I didn’t need any of my pain meds, but I did take a few anti-nausea pills because of the anesthesia and blood in my system. I’m still taking the antibiotics, which I think I have until Wednesday or Thursday. I feel very lucky to have had such luck with the surgery–I mean, who expects to be feeling like normal about 12 hours after?! But while recovering, Nick was very nice and caring. He even watched the entire second season of Game of Thrones with me on DVD 🙂 Such a sacrifice, I know!

Because of the surgery, I haven’t been very good with pictures of food or workouts for the week. I sort of took it easy before the surgery, figuring I’d let myself rest after last week’s half. So I’ll be back at it this week. And I haven’t done too much since surgery, in the way of working out. I’ve been active–going to the store, cleaning up around the house–but not strenuous, because I don’t know how that would affect the healing process. But I do plan to do some light cardio this evening, like Zumba or something. I’ve been feeling very fatigued the last couple days and I’m not sure if it’s the meds or something else, so I want to get myself going again!

This past week, I tried a new recipe, but it was not a slow-cooker one 😦 I made Vegetarian Mexican Stuffed Shells, which weren’t my fave. But I think with a few tweaks, it’d be worth another shot. One of those tweaks being adding some meat!

This next week, I’m going to be re-attempting the Vegetarian Chili, but with canned beans instead of making from scratch. I think that was the problem I had last time I tried it. So I’ll be making that tomorrow, since our weather is looking a little iffy and I don’t want to start something in the slow cooker and have it go to waste if the power goes out.


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