weekly dish {11/10/13}

This week I had two days off work–woohoo!! We had Tuesday off, which was Election Day here in the US. So I ran some errands, had lunch with a friend/coworker, and did my civic duty to vote. I always make a point to vote. I’m glad to live in the US because, even if our government has its problems, we are far better off than many others. The other day off was Friday, on which I did other errands like picking up my info/goodies for my half I ran the next day and going to Babies R’ Us to do some shopping for my first good friend’s shower in a few weeks. And I got froyo with the same friend I lunched with the other day πŸ™‚


I’ve taken up the Days of Gratitude thing for the month of November. Surly I know I should be grateful every day of the year, and I think I am, but it’s always a big deal now around Thanksgiving time. If you actually follow my blog, you’ll have noticed some pictures I’ve been posting and why I’m grateful for those people/places/things. Here is a quick little snapshot of the pics I’ve put up for the first 9 days of November.

babyNick and I finally decided on a new ACA health insurance policy for next year, and we got that all squared away this week. (Man it would be nice if either of our jobs offered discounted insurance, but they don’t…) I feel like we signed our life away–it is the biggest monthly bill we have. It’s about $200 more than our next highest bill, our mortgage. But we did that for a low deductible since we hope to have a baby. So I think it’s worth it and he’s warming up to the idea of starting a family πŸ™‚

This felt like a weird week, health-wise. I didn’t really mean to carbo load for the race yesterday, but my subconscious kept overcoming my determination. I only worked out a few days and ate like a pig–or at least it felt like I was being a pig. I ate a Clif Bar every day. I wouldn’t say I ate anything unhealthy–it was just that I ate a fairly large quantity. I accidentally timed my trying the slow cooker lasagna recipe right, because it was a good week for me to eat lasagna for 5 days. Way to go, subconscious! You win that one πŸ™‚ Oh, and the reason I didn’t want to particularly carbo load was because I tend to be able to run for that length of time without really prepping for it, so I thought the race would be just an excuse to Β eat whatever the hell I wanted for the week–which it really turned out to be.

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SUNDAY–my daily abs & a 4.15-mile run
MONDAYP90x Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
TUESDAY–my daily abs & a 9.34-mile run (last run before the half yesterday)
WEDNESDAY–no workout
THURSDAYdaily abs
FRIDAY–no workout, but I cleaned and ran errands all day
SATURDAYdaily abs & my 2nd half marathon, which is 13.1 miles

This Past Week’s Cooking

On the Menu

Well, seeing as I’m going to be out of commission for a few days towards the end of the week, I’m only making one meal for the week. I get my wisdom teeth out Thursday, so I’ll be strictly yogurt and applesauce that day and soups the next day. I think this week I’ll make Vegetarian Mexican Stuffed Shells. Not really feeling the slow cooker this week 😦


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